Monday, November 9, 2009

a question and an adventure

Hey Everyone!!

#1 I miss you.

#2 I have an ADVENTURE for us.

Let me back up and explain... I'm in a class all about meaning-making in the quarter-life (aka every conversation we ever had during a studio night). The final paper/presentation can be in any form we want, addressing how we make meaning in our lives, what role higher education plays in that etc etc.

I've spent the past 2 and a half months citing my experience as an artist, being mentored by Betsey, working along side you all- as how I've come to organize, and engage in the world. It seems only natural that my final project, should be an artwork. Art IS meaning-making physically manifested after all.

The question: How to best represent meaning-making in art.

My answer (feel free to disagree or elaborate): Whatever the project is, it should take place over a period of time. It should start with a question or curiosity and elaborate from there.

My plan: Starting this week, I need to create something everyday from now until December 7th (the day of my presentation). No limit on time spent each day- 30 seconds or 3 hours.

Where YOU come in: I think this could be a really interesting group project. We, as a group formulate a question, or a theme, or a subject matter, or a material... and create something each day about it. Clearly we'd photograph and post (though I debate if we should do it as we go along and be informed by each other or not). If everyone was comfortable with it, and participated, I'd probably want to show our work to my class- because who does meaning-making better than us I ask you?

The next step: If everyone, or at least a few are in- lets pick a common drain to circle so-to-speak. I know we're all really busy keeping our lives together. I haven't painted since I finished my thesis work. I've drawn one still life back in July. I'm ashamed of myself... and quite frankly, I need your support to get me back to what matters. I begged. How can you say no now?

My running list of ideas:
Pull a Morandi - We each pick an object, or group of objects and paint paint paint them. Maybe we have one common object no matter what- like a vase, or a cube, or... heck I don't know.
Time is a funny thing - We only work at a certain time of day, with the natural light available. I'd probably only be able to do early morning or late at night.
Now that I've mentioned light - Back lighting? Inside vs. Outside? Spotlight?
How bout that perspective - Eye level. Above. Below.
Trade it - I start working with fabric, JB does dots, Jes rocks whatever awesome thing it is that Tonya does, Tonya works with a grid... etc etc
Your Mission (should you choose to accept it) - As a group we compile list of descriptive sentences, or titles like we were inventorying pieces and I'll randomly divvy them up. aka. Apple from above, Geometric Pattern, Self portrait, Non-dominant hand No.3... etc. etc.

That's all I got off the top of my head... hopefully I can get a response for you ladies soon! I'll probably send this in a FBook message as well :)



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  1. i love love love this.

    talk about something to jump start this mess of a blog ;)

    and if we keep up with it, you will have no work to cait, except your paper part, and pulling up this blog. another words it will be all assembled for your presentation. or, being the achiever that you are, make a power point, but I'd still wanna see that!