Monday, November 16, 2009


this made me think a lot about expectations, and learned behavior in thinking. let me know what you guys think

Revenge from Lernert & Sander on Vimeo.


  1. the anticipation of this video is unbearable. Maybe my attitude about it is reflective of my current state...


    Banana, are you trying to trick me!?

  2. hahah, no i'm not trying to trick any one. I found myself on a roller coster of emotions while watching the 2 and half minute movie.
    at first I was like, the bowling ball is going to crush this egg, and it's going to be awesome...then it misses by inches. since everything is in slow motion, the anticipation builds and I actually have time to make decisions about my what will happen. So then, I think that the video is about heavy, demolishing objects almost crushing the egg. The hammer starts to swing, and I decide that it is going to narrowly miss the egg again - but it doesn't!! Lastly, we see the cork and the egg, and I think it's going to go off, and either go behind the egg, or hit the egg (you DUH). So I am watching and watching and watching. I decide that this one is a trick - literally nothing will happen. then, I think I see the cork start to move, but is it just my eyes and my mind seeing what I want to happen? No, it goes off and kills the egg.
    This is a fascinating video. And it made me think about painting, and how I usually want the same thing and feel the same emotions all the time. When something is unpredictable, I think we as humans, and we as young artist feel uncomfortable. Even just my immediate future next year is unknown, and this makes me feel uncomfortable. But is the unknown and the unpredictable different? I think so, but that is a different conversation.
    In terms of art, I think I have gotten better at being okay with my work being unpredictable. Sometimes I just start something without having the slightest idea where it is going to go. Sometimes I know exactly where it's going to go.