Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snail Mail Project

Okay girls, we are going to do the snail mail project!!!!
Participants are required to photograph before and after; when they receive it and when they finish their contribution. I think before and after is important incase anything gets altered in shipping. Some one should volunteer to begin the project, then everyone who wants to participate should comment after that...we will mail the "corpse" in that order. Please include your mailing address, once again, just to make it easy.
Whoever volunteers to start it should consider that 5 or 6 people need to contribute. Let's make this a little more "advanced" than the typical drawing exquisite corpse - all mediums are game - paint - oil or acrylic, clothe, ink, pen, felt, wire, metal, pipe cleaners; you name it! And let's make sure we send along what we did to it, incase we need to consider putting oil over acrylic or vise versa. Send the "corpse" along with in 2-5 days.
Any other ideas ladies?!?! Let's hear it, and get this started!!

I'm so excited....Let's do this!!! :)


  1. I don't mind starting it. What size we looking for? And if we're doing a medium free-for-all, what should the surface be?

  2. no bigger than like 5X7 or there abouts.
    maybe non-stretched canvas..

  3. OR i could send something larger, rolled up in a tube?

  4. yesyesyes....where is the rest of yous?!?!

  5. i is innnnn...

    I have been trying to type this comment for dayyyyyys

  6. sorry, i'm here and excited!!!
    do we need adresses?

  7. ok me next! what is the order of this?

  8. I can go last, since I didn't technically say "i'm in"

    It goes Cait, Jes, Tonya, Lauren, Me Meg
    Everyone needs to make sure they take pics before and after!